Everybody look at this



also people should see this:


It’s just short of an apology, isn’t it?


Controversially, I’m not sure this particular instance warranted an actual apology. This acknowledgement is enough.


guys - we did a tour of Lancaster Prison last year and it turns out that Pilates was invented in a cell there by a Mister Pilates. unless the guide was lying but he seemed a solid type.


*Lancaster Castle (which was also a prison)




sounds like you had a great time there


Like with motivating small children, I awarded him one star on his chart. Once he has completed it, he will get a small prize.

In several years time I guess.

(He only has one so far, and will not be allowed to take the guinea pigs home)


pontius pilate


This is both very harsh and very good.


He was incorrect based on a technicality (though I must say I did think the straps and stuff were more commonly associated with Pilates). The very same type of technicality that he so gracefully uses to correct others, hoisted by his own petard!


*Hoist (or is this a wolfcastle)


that’s an all-star wright stuff line up if i’ve ever seen one


It was alright actually. I’d recommend it. If you ever find yourself in Lancaster.


unlikely i will and if I do, i’ll probably forget this but I’ll try not to