"Everybody's Talking About Jamie" - but are YOU?

  • Not a day goes by when I don’t talk about Jamie
  • Y’know I was just talking about Jamie!
  • Had a couple conversations about Jamie recently.
  • Y’know I can’t remember the last time I spoke about Jamie!
  • Who?

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think regularly about the time Jamie Oliver showed those kids how nuggets are made, with the intention of putting them off eating them

and then he asked them if they’d eat them at the end, and they all said yeah


so weird, i JUST messaged someone on whatsapp about this

a great moment, what a dickhead


It’s spelt Jaime

J’aime Jamie

who doesn’t? :heart_eyes:

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Yes. It is the name of hot boss.


Don’t know who that is, I’m sorry

Sacre bleu!

My boss I had a sex dream about whose leaving do I’m going on this afternoon.

Weirds me out that Warp Films are releasing a musical that looks to have no mad IDM stuff whatsoever

Is that seperate to the tours you do? I guess you can sleep with him now anyway…

Yes this is my temp job in an office.

In tour world I am my own hot boss.

Ahm no a grass.

needs taking down a peg or two