Everyday laziness

What lazy things do you regularly do?

I’m wearing a button fly today, so to pee I went in to a cubicle and just tugged my trousers and underwear down so I didn’t have to undo and redo the buttons.

Cba replying


Coasting when driving. Wheeee!

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come into work and spend a lot of it browsing the internet.

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The work preference profile thing I got the other day said I value ‘economy of effort’ which I thought was a nice way of putting it


Cruise control at every opportunity

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I don’t use mine often, I don’t feel very in control.

Also because of the time I used it wrong in a 30 and told it to cruise at 60 just as a speed camera was coming up.


ok but do other people pull down their trousers to pee ever? I didn’t pull them all the way, or sit down but to be honest I kind of preferred it to zipper

Economy of effort. I really like that.

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Snoozed my alarm for 40 minutes this morning

Maybe once when I was 5 or 6, yeah.

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At my age an elasticated waist makes this easypee every time.

Related but different : when at home I only bother doing up 1-2 of the 4-5 buttons on my trousers :jeans:

Not me but Football365 having a sporcle quiz as one of their main articles every day for the past few days.

Off-topic sure but as I’ve gotten older I’ve really come to appreciate the benefits of a button-fly over a zip-fly, to the extent I will now only buy jeans with a zip-fly very reluctantly.

On-topic I would set up a poll but can’t be ringered.

Is that because your balls are getting long (larry)?


yor balls hang low?

I’ll win this.

Quite often just buy more underwear to avoid doing the laundry.

Hate washing pots so sometimes just buy more as well and throw the more soiled plates and bowls away.

(Men Behaving Badly themetune…)

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pots as in like frying pans and saucepans? why don’t you just eat out all the time, I’d be far cheaper.

having a little chuckle at the thought of your bin man picking up yet another sack full of slightly dirty le cruset dishes.

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