Everyday laziness

still though, mate.

I know, but sometimes you’ve got to be pragmatic.

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surely buying new ones is waaaaaay more effort than just, y’know, doing the washing up

come on, got to be :fishing_pole_and_fish:?

washing up is literally the worst thing. soul destroying.


You should try it again. revelation. nice to get a bit of air all around the area too.


Nah. Just enter the card details and wait, innit.

This isn’t something i do regularly, just every now and again they’ll build up to the point of it being a huge job and i always find myself thinking ‘Would i pay, say, £15 to avoid doing all that?’, and the answer’s almost always a resounding yes.

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It certainly is, but not ‘going out and buying fresh china all the time’ levels of bad - save up and get a dishwasher.


surely not as bad as hanging washing up to dry / putting it away again

dishwashers are more effort than doing the washing up


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to be fair my roasting pan was on it’s last legs and after my last slow cooked lamb I just looked at the pan and went ‘yeah, fuck this’ and ditched it so I could get a new one (actually I haven’t replaced it yet, need to do that)

Had it a fair while though.

explain how

do you just buy new ones off amazon instead of closing them?


loading, unloading, re-cleaning the stuff that doesn’t get washed properly, keeping the salt topped up, buying detergent for it. practically a sisyphean task.

Not had a cucumber butty in aaaaages.

(For the record i quite like crusts and don’t normally cut them off, but it’s etiquette so far as cucumber sandwiches and tea goes, eh).

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if you have a shit dishwasher or put things in it that are still super dirty then you deserve all you get.

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enjoy your salt-covered cutlery at reading, dickhead

the light fitting in my bathroom is too fiddly to fit properly. I mean, I could do it if I was willing to spend 5 minutes messing about with it, but I’m not, so now it lives like this

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This is a pretty good example.

Also I remember for ages in our old place, the gf would NEVER change the loo roll - just put it sat on top of the holder.