Everyday psychopathic behaviour


Following an ambulance to get through traffic a bit faster. Inspired by an Audi driver (fucking OBVIOUSLY) utterly shamelessly doing it this morning.


Using an umbrella on a crowded street.


Eating meat


Sorting out your cash and wallet while still stood in front of the automated atm machine


very telling behaviour


I’ll raise you: using an umbrella WHILST RIDING A FUCKING BICYLE


Maybe their loved one was in the ambulance


Not thanking bar workers/waiters etc


no that, I would like to see (from the footpath)


see it every time it rains here.


The ambulance thing was a key feature of Die Hard Trilogy on the PS1:


Also, while at the tube barriers


Not picking up your dog’s shit when it goes on the street, or in a public park or something


Like their partner is a paramedic? Still no excuse.


Not waiting for people to get off a tube/train before getting on yourself. If this is you, please end yourself.


Probably should have kept following it when it left the motorway instead of staying on for a couple more junctions, then.

Also Audi drivers don’t have loved ones.


you can do this non-psychopathically by lifting it up really high



Bah Gawd thats Ruffers’ music!!!


Using the limited office milk to pour yourself a massive glass of milk


And letting the big horrible drops fall on every cunt around?