Everyday tasks that you hate

Not chores as such, just things you have to do in the course of living.

I hate filling up the car with petrol. In particular I hate the buildup to it. The light coming on absolutely ages before you actually have to fill up. Having to think out whether there’s a petrol station en route to wherever you’re going. Trying to edge up the “miles left” counter, cursing every piece of uphill road, and coasting on the downhill. Playing petrol chicken with the wife to see who can leave the least petrol in the tank and still make it home.

Once it’s done I’m king of the world, though. Love a full tank of petrol.

I appreciate that this is all stupid, but this is not a thread for judging.

  • Hanging up the washing.
  • Seeing the results of my girlfriend hanging up the washing.
  • Commuting

There’s a @meths or @eems post from the old boards that said something like when you were young it was good to know that your stash was nicely stocked up and you didn’t have to worry about it for a while, but now you feel that way about toilet paper. I feel that way about filling up the car.

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Constant low level social interaction. Leave me alone, world.


Having to work for a living


This is a bit bigger than I was aiming, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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saying goodbye to people.

do I hug, kiss, wave… just say… ‘bye then…’ :grimacing:

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Putting on my trousers. Life is always better without trousers. Fuck trousers. Fuck 'em to hell!


start wearing a kilt everyday!

searching for pudding in my kitchen when I know there’s no pudding


Nod of recognition to an imaginary person over their shoulder, then when they turn to look just walk away.

Saying goodbye over the phone. Even more annoying now that I’m on the phone a lot during my work day.

Parallel parking. Just moved onto a busy road where the only parking is parallel, so the spaces are tiny and you always have an audience of angry motorists watching you. Had it absolutely nailed in the old car but the new one is a very slight different shape and I’d actually give a shit if I damaged it. Perfect storm really.

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Or have some pinstripes tattooed onto my legs.

I also hate putting petrol in the car, not the light thing I enjoy seeing it tumble and the having to drive in neutral down hills to make it to the garage, more the standing in the cold, sorting the pay at pump etc.

Also hate:
Putting washing away, particularly school shirts
Cleaning towel heater radiator thing

Anything involving a form


the bit when I first get home after work

The cats are usually scrambling to be fed immediately, which I usually end up doing before I’ve even taken my coat or shoes off. Then there is always cat litter to clear up off the floor, probably some washing up and shit to do that I should have done before work but I didn’t get up early enough. Usually some washing to put away/ hang up as well.

Pretty sure I have an overly full bin to deal with when I get home.:disappointed_relieved:


Have grown an unhealthy hatred of speaking on the telephone - not ideal for someone who volunteers for a help line.


changing the batteries in the tv remote

You’d be rubbish with a lightsaber, then.