Everyday things people do that are unncessary

Put butter in sandwiches. Just not necessary

Doing separate washes for all white clothes. Not needed anymore, bung them all in at the same time

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Sure, what’s your email address?


Put on their stupid little socks when they’re not going anywhere all day


Would you count any form of socks as ‘stupid’ when inside?

Agree re: butter
Disagree re: whites


Yeah, I am wearing my stupid little socks today but they are undeniably stupid

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We had the separating laundry debate recently. Light coloured clothes will go grey if you don’t separate them, but whether you give a shit is another matter. If you don’t believe me I will post a photo of the only white (well, grey now) pair of socks i own.


some people rub coconut oil all over their bodies, seems unnecessary

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I used to be a total ‘No, just chuck all the clothes in together, it’ll be great!’ person but since having to wash white shirts for our kid’s uniform I have 100% retracted this position.


opposite for me


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Yeah let’s see.

I bung all mine in on 60 and had no issues. Probably worth saying though I only really wear dark colours and have 2 white t shirts. Haven’t really gone grey or anything for me though

Agree but sometimes your feet get cold so it’s necessary

The space in everyday in the title is annoying me

I like it if my feet are cold. It usually makes me think “this is a good thing to be happening to my feet and wider body”

i don’t think i own any white clothes

this doesn’t seem regular

I agree. I’d much rather just have a slice of bread with some nice butter than ruin it by adding some kind of “filling.”

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I’m just the kind of guy who is usually “too hot” so being “cold” is a nice little treat