Everyday things that most people have probably done, but perhaps not everyone...so let's find out!

This is the thread where we learn that japes has never eaten a pineapple and chadders has never been on a seesaw, amongst other incredible revelations.

I’m going to say that everyone on here has been on a moving walkway or travelator.


  • I’ve been on a moving walkway.
  • I’ve never been on a moving walkway

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Caveat 1: This isn’t a thread for teasing or shaming people for their phobias, inexperience, poverty, background etc and let’s have no questions about sex or anything that’s likely to trigger people.

Caveat 2: I make no apology for the lameness of this thread.

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@Bamnan to thread

  • I have been on an underground railway system
  • I have not

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Has he talked about travelators before?

  • I (or my immediate family) have had a pet
  • I (or my immediate family) have not had a pet

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No but he often says he hasn’t done things so I reckon out of everyone he’ll be the one to say no

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I have never eaten a Creme Egg

  • I have eaten one of those monstrosities
  • Not for cre-me, Clive

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  • I have held a baby
  • I have not held a baby

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You’ve never ever had a cream egg? What?! Rectify that now please.

Whenever I hold a baby I always think “I bet this baby is better at Netrunner than Epimer”.

  • I have stubbed my toe so hard that I’ve thought “that’s it. That’s definitely broken it. 100% broken toe” only for it to be fine 10 minutes later
  • I have not had this experience

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Tell us about the decision-making process that has led to you never eating one.

its only been within the past couple of years I did this :confused:

Yeah same, which is why I included it.

nah ~I usually break mine when I stub my toe

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MC Shit Toes

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Last time I did this I actually broke my toe

That was careless.


I have actually broken one of my toes and it hurt less than numerous bad toe stubbings over the years :+1: