Everyone else likes it, why don't I?


Don’t know if this already exists, couldn’t see it.

What do you just not get, that everyone else seems to like? I’m not talking the general public – they’re appalling and like Coldplay – I’m talking like-minded music folk like this lot on this here forum.

Personally, I’ve never understood the appeal of Dylan. Strike me down. Also, The Fall, but I might have just never heard their best. If you think you can convince me otherwise on either of these, please throw suggestions my way – I’m all ears.


Mister Steve, do we REALLY have to have yet another “list the things you hate” music thread?


Well it’s not really that is it? Or is it?


Different strokes for different folks paisan.
I mean I fucking love Dylan but I get why folk might not like him, those people are clearly idiots right enough :wink:


It’s exactly that!

I like your request that people try to convince you otherwise, but I’m afraid that might go unheeded.


I hate Scouting For Girls, but I’m ok with that.

Feels like I should like Dylan.


Not really held in the same esteem, are they?


I’ve always thought Animal Collective were dreadful. I picture a few friends looking in the mirror and obnoxiously making exaggerated faces and vowel sounds and high fiving each other over how zany they are. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard more annoyingly affected vocals.

Also Tame Impala always seemed so remarkably average to me, I don’t get the critical acclaim. I feel like they can be summed up with “midtempo songs that exist.”


I can understand why Dylan would rub people the wrong way but to not understand his appeal I dont know man… some of those lyrics bring other artists to shame. Not to mention how utterly important he was at transforming rock music out of its r&b roots and being more then just love and dance songs.

Anyway I have always found Nirvana vastly disappointing. Can maybe understand people getting sucked into them as teenagers at the time but I just think that whole sound has been done better. Much prefer listening to Fugazi, The Melvins and the Pixies who are all imo much better. What am I missing?


I can appreciate why folk don’t get him, but he had a huge influence on fucking everyone back then, and them in turn influenced everyone else


Oh The War On Drugs should be mentioned. No idea how critics seemed to fawn over Lost in the Dream which I thought was just decent and pretty forgettable.


Once someone accurately pointed out that they sound just like Dire Straits I couldn’t listen to them any more


Oh fuck me Animal Collective! That year that everyone was spaffing all over Merriweather Post Pavilion was totally baffling to me. My Girls is a tune but the rest is simultaneously headache inducing and totally forgettable. Urgh.

And I’m normally very live and let live, we all like different things… But them is hear lion in a coma and it would all flare up again…


Kind of never listen to any AC after Strawberry Jam. Everything before was great, SJ being good but also the crossover point.


Yup, I don’t like most of ancos stuff, but Person Pitch is properly amazing.


‘Music has the right to children’ must have listened to it a dozen times because of all the love it gets but I don’t know, there is something about it that I just don’t get.


we are all just pretending to love “cool” bands and hate coldplay

you’ll work it out one day


There are lots of overrated bands out there, really. Sometimes I can’t understand the love people has for some artists. Radiohead? Death Grips? Animal Collective? Neutral Milk Hotel? Frank Ocean? Boards of Canada? Aphex Twin? I love them all, sure, but I can’t understand why are they that MUCH loved. They’re great, and I understand that, I adore them myself, but I think they’re excessively… loved.

The Beatles??? pffff

Oh, I have never liked Joy Division, I’m sorry.

PS: Radiohead is one of mythe fav bands, don’t kill me. It’s just an opinion.


It’s a wonder that they still know how to breathe


Belle & Sebastian.

Wouldn’t say I hate them by any means, just don’t really get it. And I have tried, I’ve definitely given Are You Feeling Sinister and Tigermilk some time and I do like a few of the ‘hits.’

I dunno, maybe it’ll just click one day. Got a few mates who are obsessed with them.