Everyone playing it cool: evening thread

Stop pretending we don’t need an evening thread


Spending my weekend between three flats looking after various cats.

Fig is apoplectic. Might have to change clothes at the door of each flat so as to smell neutral and make sure to remember who I’m with and not say the wrong name. My secret triple life.

Going to write some poems and stuff tonight and got a lovely veggie kebab for dinner.

Now you…?


Hey and yo

Took dog up the field, home for pizza, wine and sweet sleep



Having some lagers. Listening to stoned at the nail salon on repeat. Might watch some stranger things.


Just had a post dinner walk. Gonna head back out and listen to just mustard as they are playing a festival I’m at Sunday and until now I’d got them and dry cleaning confused and on first listen they sound great.

Got a fun lil weekend planned so just having a chilled one tonight :bear:

listening to some music and having a coupla beers. fresh bed sheets tonight, so that’s exciting. :slight_smile:


Sorted a new ID card today - the woman at the tax office told me to fix my hair and then made me try my signature 5 times because she couldn’t read all the letters clearly. So now my ID card has me writing my name rather than my signature.

Had a beer, not doing much else.

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Alright? Need to make dinner but I’m very tired and cba getting up yet. Making something called a prawn rotel with nachos once I get off my butt. Going to drink some cider and watch TV, for a change of pace.

bet her partner looks just like you, and he’s in trouble with the law. :wink:


Had pizza part 2 for dinner. Had a productive work day and finished some annoying tasks. I really, really, really need to do some PhD stuff tonight but I don’t wanna.


not much going on. quite fancied going out for a beer toinght but my options are a bit limited. having a burrito for dinner after @fappable kindly reminded me that they are my entire personality the other night, need to make up for lost time.

would like to watch something new tonight but will probably end up watching something i’ve already seen for the 19th time. been up since 5 so probably be asleep by 9 anyway.


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Rotel motel holiday inn

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Today has been a day.

I have ready meal curry, ready meal curry accoutrements, alcohol and nice ice cream ready to soothe my frazzled soul. Bring it on.

Gonna watch stranger things, have to renew my bank card soon. Think it’s the first time i haven’t lost a card before the renewal date, proud of myself

Evening folks

Did some house moving. Sorted most of the kitchen out and made a start on unpacking. Garden hadn’t been touched for like 3 months, so gave the lawn a quick sorting so the dog can at least go for a wee without disappearing amongst the undergrowth.

That’s enough for one day.

Got a Succulent Chinese Meal on its way and a few beers in the fridge.


Got some wine, gonna watch the new Star War and play some vidya


don’t think i’ve ever done that. :thinking:

good work avacado :slight_smile:

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I also trimmed my fringe and it’s straight now, rather than the wonky mess it has been for the past couple of weeks.

Over to Shoreham for a Brighton Festival thing, having some food in a pub first and they have Arise on, sitting outside and it’s good.

Last minute invite to a leaving drinks for someone from my old work after that, actually v nice to be invited as we got on well (and covid scuppered my own leaving drinks for this job). Could be hectic.

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