Everyone's on the Bloody Brink - Midweek Football Thread

P45’s and strops galore.

The SIX-year anniversary of this ONE - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_fCu5Jik4EE&feature=youtu.be

Love footi, me.

Very much looking forward to some Carabao Cup action for the week ahead!

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Hendon manage to just about stay top of the table thanks to two goals in the final 20 minutes at still winless Worthing.

Sadly, the ground was broken into on Saturday evening with dickheads causing about £2000 worth of damage.

London Senior Cup action tonight against Whinge-gate & Finchley. My favourite of the ‘minor’ cup competitions.

Also, it’s my son’s 7th birthday on Friday. We asked him if he’d like to go out for the day and he’s requested a tour around the King Power Stadium…

Good stuff

What if it was piss?

It’s about 15% funnier I guess?

fucking hell, Rooney then compared to now…

who knew 10 pints a night could do that to a fella.

There’s no way of me knowing what it’s the sixth anniversary of btw but I feel it’s important to note that the sixth anniversary of a thing isn’t a particularly noteworthy milestone, people tend to take notice of 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th etc etc

Atlanta are already the best supported club in the MLS and they’re a brand new club. Have you seen their ground, the Mercedes Benz Stadium? It’s fucking insane. Like something out of Batman. Cost over £1bn. The scoreboard alone’s 1,100 feet long, ffs.

Lovren going for that header is the iconic moment of this season so far, intit. More awesome the more you watch it.

well done, he was on five painkillers, mate.

Aye it’s a ridiculous stadium love how futuristic it is (didn’t know the MLS side played there though tbh)

It looks like it should be a rocket-launching Bond villain’s lair:


Dejan Lovrens wearing my jeans!

#RISEUP in stark black and white doesn’t help matters.

Expecting FC United to sack their manager that’s been there from the start today

No other footballs happened recently

Have we had a Bond villain with a hashtag slogan yet?

Ajax win De Klassieker in what by all accounts was a very poor game. The champions drop to fifth place, with PSV holding on to a 5 point gap at the top of the Eredivisie.

Wish Shrewsbury would stop winning. Have a day off, lads.

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