Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



Going through the back catalogue in preparation for Fever Dream’s release tomorrow, and Man Alive’s astonishing inventiveness reminded me to re-read Ian Cohen’s particularly cunty P4K review… hahahaha


Probably one of the few bands to go from being disliked to liked by Pitchfork rather than the other way round




Yes, I think you’ve definitely gone with the right adjective for that review there.

Still my favourite album of theirs. Blew me away from the beginning.

Hoping my pre-order copy of AFD turns up tomorrow!


God this is fucking great as per usual.

Night of the Long Knives, Run the Numbers really standing out atm


Some real nice guitar work throughout the album. Especially like good shot, good soldier and run the numbers.


Title track is fantastic. One of the most consistent bands around at the minute


It’s stellar, innit. And I’m sure repeated listens will reveal its intricacies


That synth blast on Long Knives :heart_eyes: massive grin when that first blared out.


Love the breakdown on Big Game. Headbanging at my desk (I’ve had a beer)


The repeated piano interval pattern on the title track sounds awfully similar to Fjokra’s track “Koi” (starting at 2:26)

That being said, it may be the standout track on another great record from these guys.


Did a proper headphone listen. So much going on I didn’t pick up at the volume the TV will tolerate in the car. So much depth with ominous swirling synth harmonies and skittering cymbals.

Pacing is perfect. First three tracks go off like fireworks and then there’s a lovely ebb and flow with sections like the Run The Numbers chorus exploding out of the build up of tension from the music and lyrics. Speaking of which, he’s so angry and acerbic and I love it.

I’m the wrong kind of people
Why’d you listen to me?

Cos someone’s gonna prick that bovine balloon

Fucking love it when you’re dead excited about a record and it delivers like this. Best band of the decade for me, hands down. Sticking this record like they have is pushing them towards all time greats.


What impresses me a lot about this record is the delicacy. They’ve brought back some of the gentler touches that made Arc work so well. I’m thinking start of ‘Good Shot, Good Soldier’ in particular.

While I do think dropping the ballads for Get To Heaven was the right call, A Fever Dream’s a reminder that they can build these beautiful atmospheres so well. And hearing melodies that would sound saccharine on a coldplay record cut under with these brilliant bizarre lyrics is just :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


Bloody hell. Put Me Together has already broken my heart.


Shame about your neighbourhoo-oo-ood


Glad there’s unanimity here. It’s ace. Looking forward to seeing them do an instore in Bristol this week.


3rd day of just blasting it out on repeat. So many great bits, great riffs, great lyrics. Night of the Long Knives surely has to be the next single, more people need to be randomly yelping ‘shame about your neighbourhood’ as they go about their day.


They’ve done a playlist of songs which influenced Fever Dream on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/user/everythingeverythingofficial/playlist/5AXDyHSC4qqikMr1QinTak

First track is a Raster-Noton release. As if I could love these guys anymore!


At this early stage not sure that it’s quite up there with their best work or whether it’s just a few tracks too long. Nevertheless it’s definitely another very good effort with tons of great songs (the run of the first three tracks is particularly brilliant).

Singer’s got a consistently great knack for knocking out memorable lines. Also not sure that line about Waitrose would work coming from another band.


Couldn’t agree more - think stuff like the ‘Waitrose Aisle’ works for them because his delivery is so wonderfully sneering.

Fave Higgs lines? Mine might be “Stole the face that you wear from a craven baBOON”