Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



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I want to like this band but I can’t deal with the guy’s vocals. It should be something I’m into as the songs are well crafted yet interesting, have atmosphere but a sense of humour to them and I love daft lyrics.

What would be incredible is if they became the writers/band behind someone like Taylor Swift or Harry Styles or something. Probably will get shot down for that opinion but a collaboration like that would be beneficial for both i think, and certainly would lead to better sounding pop music on radio 1 etc.


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Fair enough if it’s your opinion but I couldn’t disagree more. Think mainstream pop needs more eccentric, unique voices rather than another Rhiannabot. This might be why I’m not very “in” with mainstream trends outside of CRJ


Are Everything Everything mainstream pop though, and what sense are you defining it? Their music and production is very modern and has all the hallmarks of a big pop artist, the sales/chart positions though suggest otherwise, more a big UK indie group ala Maccabees/Horrors etc.

I agree, mainstream pop does need weirder more unique voices but Everything Everything dude isn’t it though imo


I honestly think Jonathan Higgs is one of the most expressive and emotive voices in music right now. His needy, reedy falsetto, the sharp canine yelps, the tiger growl of his lower register and his ability to cycle through each one in the space of delivering a single line at times is vocally astonishing. His voice is every bit as technical and arty as EE’s intrumentation. I do seem to like esoteric voices, though, from Paul Draper through to Björk, so I realise it’s a bit of an ask for folks who love their more processed pop vocals.


Well no, I wasn’t trying to suggest Everything Everything are a mainstream pop act, though they get pretty close by modern British indie standards.

I was more just saying that if, theoretically, they wanted to get fully into pop music, rather than write it for other artists like Taylor Swift (as you suggest) it’d be much better for everyone if they just went the whole hog and became a pop act themselves


I’m gonna bloomin’ go off when they play Ivory Tower later.


I’d say they are off-beat pop, the guys voice is a bit quirky but I like that. Mind you I like The 1975 so what does my opinion matter :joy:


You’re bang on with his ability to cycle through the registers in a single line. That’s the bit I find hardest in singing along. Reckon he’s up there with Thom, Trent, and Bjork as one of my favourite voices in music. That said, I can understand why someone would dislike him.


Will you be singing with caps lock on?


Might even push the font upward of size 24


It’s all stuff from pre-AFD but just stumbled across this video of them on youtube, and it’s awesome to watch the musicianship in extra detail. some of those bass riffs…


Pre-sale tickets out now for the UK tour


All very exciting until I saw Ally Pally was the London venue. Seen several great EE shows, but Ally Pally…


Lovely view over London on the way in at least!
Got my tickets for Leeds :smiley:


2 tickets to Birmingham booked :heart_eyes: Haven’t seen them live before so super-pumped


I’ve seen them three times - they’re brilliant. Higgs has great stage presence. Great fun to sing along to as well, of course - something wonderful about a large crowd all busting out their best falsettos :smiley:


They were an absolute highlight of a lot of very good sets at Reading last weekend. We all danced our variously sized feet off


Guys I listened to it and if I’m honest I think it’s there worst album to date.

Here’s why https://youtu.be/VjYDwlPgDTU but seriously, is there something me and my friend have missed because I love everything everything and I really want this album to be less disappointing to me.


Shame your ears aren’t veeeeerrry goo-oo-ood!