Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



Looking super fly today


I’ll get new ones dw


It’s in the top two of the year for me right now.


Really? hmm…what puts it up there for you?

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad album I still gave it a 7/10 but its not as detailed as there other stuff and things just seemed to reach a big level in chorus’ and then not really develop much after that.


Every track is stellar.

The synth blast and the delivery of "shame about your neighbourhood"
The way he snarls “I’m gonna rip it apart”
“I’m just a pencil pusher with the pencil pusher blues"
The way the guitar crashes in on ‘Big Game’ and the way he holds those long notes in the verses
"If I PROMISE TO BE GOOD” - his voice, his voice! And the “doo doo” vocal percussion
Every line in 'Run the Numbers’
The sadness pervading 'Put Me Together’
That little snare hit in ‘Fever Dream’ every other bar once the percussion kicks in.

Crap, got a client call. Every song is sublime IMO.


Just finished my masters dissertation, I’m officially now not a student! First thing first, blast this album while I dance around the house before my 3 hours of sleep catches up with me


I love it don’t get me wrong but I like get to heaven more.


GTH is possibly my album of the decade. Was thinking about this last night. Reckon both this and Arc are threatening my top 10 of the decade as well.


Agree that GTH was the best. Think this and Arc are similar levels in that they have the best of EE but could probably lose a song or two and be just as good


Alright, I think the dust has settled on this for me (last.fm has a cumulative 500 song plays…) - It’s almost certainly going to be my AOTY and is easily top 10 of the decade so far. They are by some distance my favourite band of the past 5 or so years and I’m finding it pretty thrilling watching their best work happen in real-time rather than the retrospective discovery process of most of my all time faves. I really fucking love this band.


It’s still not as good as ‘Get to Heaven’ though.


Agreed - it’s fine margins though. Like Kid A (IMO) being less good than Ok Computer


Got a like from the lads for my pottery painting :grinning:


Hello to you too!


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Sorry actually. That was ill-judged.


Tour starting soon :heart_eyes:

I’m going to the Leeds date with the TV - kinda tempted to run along to Manchester as well if there are still tickets available the week before (don’t want to steal someone else’s opportunity) - looks like they tend to mix up the rest of their setlists outside of the album they’re touring.


Yeah, I noticed the Fever Dream 2018 tour was coming up. Gigs are currently off the cards here unfortunately, but we saw them three times during the Get To Heaven period. So good live!

Where do you currently rank Fever Dream ATT? Third on the list for me I think. GTH and Arc are pretty much perfect, so almost impossible to dislodge. Fever Dream didn’t come with a download code, so maybe gets fewer plays than the other two that I have digitally. May also be a factor.


Get To Heaven > A Fever Dream > Man Alive > Arc for me, Clive

Arc’s still a 7/10, mind. Very strong discography.