Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



Been umming and aahing. GTH is top 10 of all time. I reckon Arc and Fever Dream are both legit 10/10s, but GTH is the masterpiece (same way Kid A/In Rainbows are 10s for me but OkC is perfection). I think Fever Dream ranks slightly higher in my affections because I’ve rarely been so excited for a record in my life and it absolutely delivered.

Been listening to all of them a lot more on headphones recently and still discovering new little details after well upwards of 50 plays of all the albums.


Ooh contentious!! I’d go:

Get to Heaven > Arc > Fever Dream >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Man Alive.

Man Alive is a bit throwaway and over the top I think. I can see its purpose in laying the groundwork for their next records, but no more than formative for me.


I go back and forth on Man Alive. I mentally dismiss it a bit, then go back and enjoy it hugely. The production is a proper mess at times, but there are some golden moments.

Your father was bad, his father was bad
His father was bad, need I go any further on?

Make a child, make a child, make a forest

The drumming in the second verse of Suffragette

The whole of NASA is on your side, particularly that bit where the pace picks up on the second verse.

Lol I could go on! It’s definitely formative but I bloody love it.


Singing save our simian sooooouuuuullllssss

He’s got such a good knack of finding really satisfying things to sing. The musical equivalent of mouth-feel in food.

Run the Numbers and craven baBOON are two others which spring to mind.


Yeah, I agree GTH is the clear masterpiece. Both that and Arc are 10s for me too. Fever Dream currently an 8 maybe - it definitely delivered after GTH.

I need to spend more time on Fever Dream. I like it a lot, but haven’t really had the opportunity to give it much headphone time. One thing that did strike me is that Jonathan’s voice sounds a little warmer on FD - I don’t know whether there’s more saturation on the vocals than previously or because it’s the only one I have on vinyl, but I like that a lot.

Man Alive probably a 5. Admittedly I haven’t invested much in it, but it just doesn’t grab me when I’ve played it.


This is key for me. My first couple of listens were in the car. Remember my first play of Night of the Long Knives on headphones after that initial exposure and noticing there were really lush synths in the second bridge I’d totally missed before. Opens up whole new layers of sound.


I’m realising that I need to spend more headphone time with Fever Dream. Like you, many first listens in the car, but probably missed lots of the subtleties.

I’m thinking I have a softer spot than most for Man Alive - amidst a stunning set of albums. I just recall being so blown away by it, by the first songs I heard and by their Union Chapel show. Such a strong debut.


Yeah, their lyrics are just great too aren’t they - both in terms of content and cadence. They’ve done a lot of track by tracks of their albums which always give good insight into the inspirations. If you’ve missed any of these:


New EP release to kick off the tour activities. Breadwinner is a proper banger even if the verses are riffing pretty hard off of Ivory Tower.

The Mariana is mint as well. Proper Thom Yorke feels to the vocals.


Just got these two on repeat right now - doing that Radiohead thing of tucking away some absolute gold on an EP.


This band.

And I get to see them on Monday. :slight_smile:


Picked up two unwanted standing tickets for the Manchester gig on that stubhub. Which means I have one spare ticket for Manchester in case anyone wants one - not gonna get them until the day before so would have to hand it over in person on the night.

Leeds gig is a week today!!! Not been this excited about a gig for ages.


Have tickets to Birmingham on Saturday so here’s hoping the snow is not as bad as predicted at the weekend!


Didn’t think I was going to be around, so didn’t get a ticket for Bristol. Turns out I am. If anyone happens to have a standing ticket going I’d be more than happy to relieve you of it!


You’ve gotta be kidding me…


Absolute banger, this


Seeing them in Brum on Saturday. Should be excellent - sound in the Academy can be very good and the floor is nice and bouncy!

Currently having an argument with Child 3 (unwinnable on his part) regarding my assertion that A Fever Dream is quite clearly a better record than Get To Heaven.

Can’t wait for Saturday. I don’t think it’ll be quite as momentous as Jonathan’s emotional meltdown at Glastonbury a couple of years ago (one of my favourite ever gig moments…), but they have SUCH a canon of extraordinary stuff now after four records that any set should be formidable.

And yes, Breadwinner is a banger…!



Child 3, I’ve got your back!

Like the Radioheads, the songs they are able to leave out of a live set speak volumes.


That run of Get To Heaven - Regret - Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread just relegates this from a great record to merely a pretty good one for me. I’d happily hear none of those again, live.

A Fever Dream, conversely, manages to avoid any cheesy old meh like that!




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