Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



Assuming your actual beliefs are diametrically opposed to that mantra…I’m with you all the way!

Hail arrogant music snobbery!




My God, someone always has to be the man

This band… :heart_eyes:


What happened at Glastonbury?


Chances of seeing them in Brum looking increasingly slim :frowning:

(Nothing to do with band, I just live in Oxford, which is increasingly resembling the North Pole)




A lot of similarities between the Breadwinner video and Tiger Crew’s video for BNGR…


So, they arrive at Glastonbury literally 3-4 days after the new record is released.

On they come to the Williams Green stage (small, tent - apologies of you know all that…) to a tremendous reception and Jonathan says “We’re gonna play some new songs, I hope that’s OK” - to a tumultuous and positive roar (they had another set on the Other Stage the next day when, no doubt, they would play a more festival-friendly set…).

After tearing through some brilliant performances of Get To Heaven’s finest moments, they launch into No Reptiles (remember, the album has barely hit the shelves…). As Jonathan begins the first refrain of ‘Oh baby it’s alright, it’s alright to feel, like a fat child, in a pushchair…’ the crowd immediately and almost to a man/woman take up word and note-perfect singing from the floor, as loud as you can believe. To a song. That isn’t a pre-launch single. From an album. That’s been out for three days!

Young Jonathan is, quite genuinely, overwhelmed to experience a crowd knowing what is, to the band, a hugely important song, so soon after its release. Such is the emotional impact of our singing that he is rendered temporarily entirely unable to sing and can do no more than retire to the rear of the stage and gently wipe away his tears. When he does manage to compose himself, his voice is audibly cracking under the weight of near-sobbing!

The cheer at the end of that song is one of the finest I have ever been a part of, at any gig. The entire experience (the whole set was amazing) was so profound and genuine and unaffected that it will forever stay with me and I consider it a great privilege to have been there. It was one of those moments that can restore your faith in the power of (live) music, no matter how disaffected one can sometimes become.

Hopefully the link below will work. It was incredible.


EE No Reptiles, Williams Green, Glastonbury 2015


What a great reply, thanks. ‘No Reptiles’ really is a special song.


“Soft-boiled eggs in shirts and ties” is some of the best imagery committed to song.


“I’m going to kill a straaaaaanger”. His lyrics are unique.


Lovely post, this. He seems like a proper good fella


Nice. Was a great, great set.

However, this show was on the Saturday. They were mid Other on the Friday, equally great and teed up the William’s Green show nicely.


Yep, proper once in a generation band. Honestly make me excited about music in a way I thought I might be growing out of. Great on headphones, great to song along to in the car, great to dance around drunk to, great live. And all with incredible depth to the lyrics and themes.


A beautiful illustration of how I ‘do’ Glastonbury.

Anathema to many, the only way I can do it (all festivals, actually…) is using an itinerary previously constructed over the weeks post-full line up release with military precision!

As such, I see such a ridiculous number of bands/DJs that I do struggle to retain all the info. You are, of course, correct in the Williams Green set having been on the Saturday. On the Friday I was watching the end of Dorian Concept on West Holts - who were/is fantastic, only just over an hour before the heavens opened brutally, if briefly (perfectly timed for me being in the Acoustic for Stornoway, who got a HUGE crowd and were very humble in acknowledging that the weather’s rudeness bumped their audience up a bit!



Who would you say were similar to them? I’d guess they were influenced by Bowie, Radiohead, maybe Talk Talk. Anyone else?


All those three references ring true to me.

Add in a decent side order of math.

But yes, the Pointless round of ‘Bands who are quite similar to Everything Everything’ would be an absolute beast.



I was listening to Get To Heaven the other day and was suddenly struck by the similarity to Talking Heads in the way the rhythms and guitars worked together.

But yeah, they have that feel of a Radiohead or Bowie where they’re drawing from all over the shop, wearing some influences clearly on their sleeves, but managing to create something thrilling and new as a result.

They did a cool spotify playlist which showed the main influence for each track on their latest. Well worth a listen. I’ve probably posted it upthread but will dig it out when I get a chance.


Barely ever see anyone referencing this but the last few minutes of Qwerty Finger is still the best thing they’ve ever done imo. The increasing urgency in the way it builds from the breakdown half way through with that incredible vocal. It’s not quite dance but more evolved than indie and just insanely melodic and engaging. So good.


The build from “I can’t let you turn yourself off” is magnificent. His ability to switch between vocal styles at the drop of a hat is incredible and the end of qwerty finger is a great example.

I’m on record as it being my least favourite of the four albums, but I really love 75% of the songs on Man Alive


Talking Heads is a great shout. I can definitely hear that.