Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



They have a sense of adventure that sets them apart from a lot of other bands like them.


Super psyched for Saturday.


All their cancelled dates means that my show in Bristol tomorrow is their tour opener!


2 more sleeps til Leeds!!!


Have managed to get a ticket for Bristol tonight. And just found out Pumarosa are supporting. Excellent news all round.




You really have it in for me in this thread, huh? Although I see your previous snipe has since been deleted. Aren’t you just back from a ban as well?


@moderators I’ve flagged this not because it’s particularly bad in isolation, but because this user has previous and this seems symptomatic of their general approach to our nice little community.


Terribly sorry if you took offence at what was meant (clearly I felt) in jest.


You’ve got previous. There are plenty of users from whom this would clearly be in jest. You’ve interacted directly with me on precisely two occasions, and both have read as snide. You also started that rap thread last week - I think you probably knew precisely how far south that was going to go. If, if you want to act in jest, then sometimes post some nice things as well. And “Terribly sorry if you too offence” is a proper non-apology.


Hope you enjoy the gig tomorrow! Great band.




That was brilliant. I won’t give anything away about the setlist except to say, you might want to have a few listens of the most recent album if you haven’t yet…


Yep. Dead good. He said they were glad to have this gig as a warm up, as they’ve heard their very own Jed Maxwell is going to be in Leeds tomorrow :wink:


You’re fucking nuts. But then you shared that tale of Jon getting all mushy at Glastonbury because EE fans put the effort in and I got all mushy too so you’re forgiven.


Duly noted, and grateful for the reprieve.




Leeds gig was incredible. Only downside was a homogeneous crowd of young white males having no consideration for 5’2 women like the TV.

That aside, the band absolutely killed it. Highlights were probably Spring Sun Winter Dread and Breadwinner but it was all gold. Lost my voice now, natch.




Sorry about your crowd there. Seemed like a fairly even gender balance in Bristol (at least around where I was). Night of the Long Knives was an undoubted highlight. That synth drop!


Yeah that was my actual highlight. Had a weird memory blank when posting last night - I knew in the back of my mind there was another song that had rocked my socks off but couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was! Synth drop was absolutely huge.