Everything Everything - A Fever Dream



My pal has a spare ticket for tomorrow night at the Barrowlands so I’m tagging along. I was really into EE when the first singles appeared and then the first album came out and I don’t think I ever bothered to listen to it. Haven’t investigated anything since, have obviously heard tracks here and there but not a full album.

Saw them live once before at T in the Park round about Man Alive coming out, remember it being right good fun. Should be interesting nonetheless.


Not sure I ever expected Everything Everything to cover Neil Young. It’s nae bad actually!


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This was huge the other night.


Its all got a bit primary school in here. That Glastonbury video was ace though thanks for sharing.


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Anyhoo… going to London show on Saturday - looking at train times, those who’ve been this week - what time did the set end? Hoping no later than 10.45pm…


Prolly about 10:15 in Leeds. We were out the venue via the cloakroom queue for about 10:40



Tomorrow at Ally Pally luckily. So hyped for this gig. Stuck on a train down from Manchester just playing 10 mins of the Adam Scott REM podcast ‘RU Talking REM re:me?’ then playing Breadwinner again.


Hard liquor is my medicine!




Really enjoyed this show. Great atmosphere where we were closeish to the front. Just Qwerty FInger off the first album, usual choice but worked. Hopefully catch them again in the summer somewhere.


Today I was in a lift with Jon Higgs. But a lot of people were around so I did not have the guts to tell him how big a fan I was. I now regret that. regret. regret.


Just out from seeing them in Berlin. They played for 80 minutes and there was only one track I didn’t love. Not sure how many bands could do that. Breadwinner live was exactly as great as I’d hoped too. :+1:


Breadwinner is soo good live! Am jealous of your evening.