Everything Everywhere All at Once

You seen this yet?

Everyone seems really excited about it.

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Is this a specific thing?

Oh yeah I should have clarified, this is a specific thing



Genuinely thought this was a shitpost, but then Googled it


Doesn’t seem like my thing at all but looks universally praised across the board so will probably end up seeing it

I predict this will be the new The Matrix (1999)


Michelle Yeoh is obviously great but this sounds properly wAcKy from the descriptions I’ve read so will probably give this a miss.

is this the new arcade fires album lol


No it isn’t

Sorry, I should have clarified, it isn’t the new arcade fire album


Will obviously be seeing this when it’s out here next weekend

Think it looks intensely annoying

I’m very excited to see it but also very annoyed that the silly release date discrepancy means I now have inflated expectations after the hype

Famously called ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’.

Could be seeing it in iMax tonight but I have to go to work. Boo-urns.

might give this a go next tuesday

It is however the new Son Lux album.

I managed to see this last week on a huge screen in a fully packed cinema before realising how critically acclaimed it was (and despite thinking it probably wasn’t really ‘my sort of thing’). Absolutely loved it! People were applauding at the end of the screening! My very favourite cinema-going experience for a long long time!

The letterboxd review I most agreed with:
"To me, this is kind of the prototypical example of what comedy can do– an idea that is inherently the silliest, most goofball of concepts, executed in the silliest, most goofball ways, leaving us disarmed and open enough that we are laughing at something, only to find ourselves saddened and emotional at the vulnerability on display in that same silly, goofball moment. There are so many moments, and even single lines that are both hilarious and truly sad because these guys are so good at taking some thing ridiculous and treating it with earnestness. It’s Interesting Ball times 1000, and it made me cry. Made several people I talked to afterwards cry!

Just spectacular in every possible way? The script, the style, the costumes, the score, the editing, the fucking lighting , the performances (holy shit Ke Huy Quan!) I would watch a separate feature just about the production of this. So life-affirming and sweet and unbelievably romantic. Walked out of the theater talking about when we could see it again and feeling really thankful for the love in my life."


I’m hopefully gonna go see it in london next week. Michelle Yeoh can do no wrong in my eyes


Films like that should be left in the distant past

Sounds tiring.

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