Everything Everywhere All at Once

Just watched. Absolutely adored it. Absurdist scenes collapsing into real life feeling bits in the same scene is my kryptonite I think. Gets me every time


Just watched it. Reaaally want to see it in the cinema now.

I love how reliably wrong Peter Bradshaw is about everything.

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Was he not into this

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My guy


Thing is, your guy is the worst guy of all the guys MUCH LIKE YOU AMIRITE!?!?

(IAMNOTRITE, because you’re a good guy unlike Peter Bradshaw

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said it upthread someplace but bradshaw is almost always full of pish

Been meaning to see it for ages, partly because of his 2* review

TBF to the guy, he really is the Adrian Chiles of his genre, it’s just that his genre is

Ill take that!

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Just like to add that I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as everybody else on here. Maybe it’s just because I’m old, but I just found it all a bit exhausting (especially the second part). Felt a bit like the Lego Movie with “Deadpool” humour thrown in (I can’t stand Deadpool).

Great premise for a film though and the fight scenes were genuinely superb. Might give it a rewatch some time

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Not sure about this, speaking as someone who enjoyed this film but finds Deadpool humour to be infuriatingly unfunny.

absurdist sex humour isn’t inherently Deadpool ofc, but can definitely see why the dildo butt plug stuff could throw people

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More like Nothing Nowhere Never

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Finally got round to watching this. One of the weirdest, funniest, thrilling, genuinely heartfelt films i’ve ever seen and I bloody loved it. The two hours absolutely flew by.


just watched it tonight with her indoors who enjoyed it thoroughly, I was kinda flip flopping on it throughout. But in the end, sausage fingers won me over.

It’s a sweet storyline but I think it felt too long overall