Everything is Cancelled Thursday Evening Thread

damn I want a Guinness but it’s probably a bad idea

Might go out for a run, might not. I will let dis decide:

  • Go
  • Don’t go be lazy

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Do you have water supply contamination issues?

It was 24 package of 24 sixteen ounce bottles.

Reason I did it I saw a kid in his mid 20’s buying like 10 packages. I thought to myself you don’t fucking need all that son, so felt obligated to buy up a shit ton and donate to people who are in more need.


No but people freaking out about Corona and buying everything up.

I’m at work. Viewing every customer with suspicion. They’re either thieving or harbouring viruses. Looking forward to finishing work and having a beer whilst finishing off the dregs of the packing


No food shortages here but local supermarket are restricting numbers entering the shop.

Italians generally have no sense of personal space so watching everyone conscientiously keep at least a metre apart is pretty weird.

gonna start the top 100 comedians thread shortly because what the world needs right now is LAUGHTER



Ah I see.


I like this.

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Might contact the inventor on the packet to thank them

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Having some Snyder’s and green tea as pre-tea.

Having a beer and reading a book.
Saw Brian Cox give a lecture on my lunch break and going to see Employed to serve tonight.
As long as I don’t catch covid-19 it’s a winner.


What a kind thing to do. You’re one of the best people mate.

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Been home alone all week. Just ate a crumpet. Going to open some wine now


I thought I read that most shops had shut?

Friday the 13th tomorrow eh?

Evening all. Was interviewing today: of the four applicants, one turned up yesterday, one called to say their car had broken down, one withdrew 15 minutes before the interview time and one thought the interview was tomorrow. :man_facepalming:


Are you… Are you working for my local authority?

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