Exam results day thread: did you get given cash/rewards for passing exams?

Seems like a lot of my friends did, but I got fuck all. It was good preparation for not getting so much as a pay rise for passing some nails hard professional exams as an adult, mind.


Not that I can remember.

We used to get an annual report from the school. If my brothers and I did well, my dad would get the three of us a new Mega Drive game. Does that count?

lol no

12 for an A*, 10 for an A and so on.

Only for GCSE though, by A Level we should be motivated enough to do it ourselves apparently. (me and my twin this is)

Made a sweet amount tbh, then spent it all on vodka

I got a hi-fi with a three CD multi-changer, vinyl and double casette deck for doing well in my GCSEs!

Only very recently got rid of it after lugging it around sentimentally for ages.

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I did but I do not remember.

I actually got 5 As :nail_care:

My reward for finishing my professional exams (hopefully Dec) will be to leave and earn more money elsewhere. That’s how it works, right?

's what I did, anyway.

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Nothing for GCSEs, got my first bass for A Levels/getting into uni.


I didnt do it for the money


Probably important for me to say that mine was a reward rather than an incentive. I didn’t know about anything until I’d picked up my results and told my parents.

Nothing, and I’ve not done it with my girls as it didn’t seem necessary as they are both already highly motivated (not sure where they got it from, as I was the opposite at school)

I have a feeling I might need to employ a bit of bribery with my youngest though

Nope, when I heard some people in my class were getting rewards for grades I asked my parents and got laughed out of the room.

They took me out for a meal after my BA graduation after some cajoling, then didn’t bother coming to my MA graduation.

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Yeah, same. Dad just surprised me after the event. Can’t imagine it helps anything holding something as an incentive.

A) You should be fucking trying hard anyway
B) Probably just adds extra stress.

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Got given £20 for passing my eleven plus. Didn’t get anything for my GCSEs, AS or A2s, which is annoying as my older brother did.

Haha no

My ‘reward’ for getting decent GCSE results was my dad decided to speak to me again for the first time in 18 months (long story)

Don’t remember anything for a-levels

For passing my BA my parents rather surprised me by clearing my overdraft - which was about £800.
If I’d had any idea they were gonna do that I would have lived a lot less frugally


Not that I can remember, think they might have given me £20 or something

of course that’s not the reason I worked so hard #growthmindset