Exam results? GOOD LUCK!

A levels out today. Daughter uniit hoping for University place.

Others in same boat?



Criticisms of the marking is gonna be off the chain.
Don’t let your kids believe it people the press just hate the young.

Hope everyone that knows someone getting them is sending good vibes and they get what they want


Bit of weird one in Scotland as all pupils should have been told their grades back in June and today is just them getting it on paper/via text.

Fully expect some furore in the press/on social media nonetheless.

Hold tight the clearing hotline kru today, shout out to those dealing with all the students.

Hope everyone gets what they need to move on to whatever they want to do.

It should ALWAYS be remembered that you got through the worst possible school year(s) whatever results you’ve attained.

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remember when we were all doing our GCSEs and posting on here at the same time?
wonder where the current 16 year old equivalent of disers are posting

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Tik Tok? And doing a doing a dance while they reveal their results?


Feels like the 1st year in forever none of my kids have been getting significant exam results.

It’s good not to have that 2nd hand worry - solidarity to all the nervous parents

My eldest did the IB and got her results a month ago

Pretty, pretty good - she got great scores

Got an award for being the best artist in the school as well

Didn’t get in to the art school she’d applied to


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No DiSers of any generation would be that cool

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Good luck A-Level takers and their parents and/or guardians though :+1:t3:


Well done :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish I’d done the IB sometimes, but then i think I would have probably have actually had to put some work into it, so maybe for the best it was never close to being an option

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fuck education

It’s not only incredibly fucking obnoxious from media/dickheads to do this after the 18 months these kids have had (not only the huge disruptions and missing out on key formative experiences/freedoms but in many cases bereavement and isolation), but it’s basically just kicking them while they’re down. We did a Higher Education round table about the incoming uni cohort and a really common theme was that those taking A-levels this year have massive imposter syndrome and feel like they’ve not had a chance to prove themselves, that they won’t deserve to be at uni. They just want to be normal. It’s not their fault they’ve been absolutely fucked over by circumstances.

The good news is that it seems like unis are broadly stepping up to put more support in place for the incoming cohort. Our insight stuff about the incoming cohort and what we’re doing as a company to support students for 21/22 has been massively popular with our audience, it’s just really troubling that the education media is more interested in culture war stuff when it comes to students and universities :confused:

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Um, really?

yeah it’s very elitist

Sure. But I’m not sure it’s appropriate to barrel into a thread supporting people who are getting results by dismissing education?

Fair enough and I apologise. Good luck to everybody in a rotten system and a rotten world.

Each to their own!

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