Examples of when bad graphic design is a sign of quality?

I was looking at buying some nice tangy yogurt and it made me think that good graphic design is inversely correlated with quality dairy products. You want the yogurt which looks like the farmers daughter churned out the packaging design in half an hour.

Are there any other products that follow this rule?


That would be butter


Or worse, who knows

Butter too but not as much as yogurt. Some very good butters have top packaging. Most big brand well packed yogurt is awful and the better ones are poorly designed. I cant think of a product outside of dairy where I will make my choice, in part, based on how poor the packaging design is.

When you move to a town and there are only two graphic designers in town. Go to the one with the bad sign.

- Marilyn Monroe

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Vapourwave albums

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Both Cider and Ale bad packaging can be a sign of quality but also good design can be a sign of quality.

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Grandma’s apple pie



Hot sauce


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Tangy yoghurt?!

Yes good natural yogurt has a tangy sour taste due to the bacterial fermentation. There is a trend for increasingly creamy yogurts with low tartness. This is what I try to avoid in my yogurt purchasing choices.

death metal band logos


Cooked meat snacks from the Polish food market often has bad graphic design but is always very tasty

Which ones are you going for? I currently live in Poland.