Examples of your hypocrisy

If anyone criticises my hobbies and interests as being childish, I will happily bust out the ol’ “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” quote.

But I also strongly feel that any adult that’s into Disney is a massive baby whose tastes and opinions should be utterly derided.

Can see this thread’s future …looks …beevy


I am a vegetarian, not vegan.


Manchester United FC are behind in a game late-on and the opposition are keeping it in the corner of our half - “Time wasting is killing football”

Manchester United FC are leading a game late-on - “Keep it in the fucking corner!!!”

DISCLAIMER: It actually annoys me when we do this as well

Didn’t know you were a professional footballer, pal.

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There have been many occasions in my life when I have been drawing a wage and playing football simultaneously, make of that what you will…

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I hate it when people are judgmental but I’m quite judgmental about it


Me waiting for another driver to let me into a line of traffic: "Miserable, inconsiderate bastards! Have some consideration for other road-users :rage: "
Me in a line of traffic seeing another driver who wants to get into it: “Fuck off. You’ve got no chance.”


Yep, when people ask me why I stopped eating meat I talk about the barbarity of factory farming.

But then: Dairy.

I think everyone on here is a dickhead and yet I post on here despite being really sound.


I believe in each to their own, except for people who don’t believe in that, they are not allowed

I have a personal vendetta against cunts who go into or come out of the local Tezbots around rush hour, because they are a very large part of the reason why the rush hour traffic around here is a nightmare. As such, while I’m normally very generous about letting people out in traffic, a Tesco cunt is only getting out over my dead body/dented car.

The other week one of the company big bods (Audi, obvs) was trying to get out. Looked me dead in the eye. Raised his eyebrows hopefully. Nope, GET FUCKED TESCO CUNT.

Yesterday I found out I’m going to be working closely with him for the foreseeable future. No ragrats.

I absolutely refuse to let any Audi or Range Rover driver out because of their flat refusal to ever use their fucking indicators.

I wouldn’t know, they’re usually too close behind me for me to see their indicators.

Hate cyclists jumping red lights / going through zebra crossings but I do occasionally do it myself when it’s safe to do so.

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I have tried to reduce my carbon footprint to as low as possible, but I still find going on an aeroplane thrilling.

Alright pnikks

Interchanging at Green Park Underground Station (or equivalent)

“Keep on the left hand side of the divide idiots”

  • Ducks into right-hand lane constantly to overtake dawdlers*

Always correcting people’s grammar like a cunt, get actively annoyed when people spell something incorrectly.

Then if I make a typo, get annoyed when someone points it out – it’s clearly just a typo.

Theirs probably was too…