Excel Bastards No More

All about alteryx these days anyway

My Mum’s bugbear as well.

Genuinely though, I’d have found that enormously useful growing up. Whether I’d have taken heed is another question entirely, though.

I love Excel. I love describing my Excel skills as ‘Good’ (which they are) and then blowing self-professed ‘Advanced’ users out of the water with a fairly simple or common piece of ‘wizardry’.

It’s all self-taught, or picked up from Google, but spending ten minutes reviewing formulae and then applying them to what I’m trying to do has saved me months and months of laborious shit.

Finding pretty easy VBA codes to automate loads of this has been even more of a godsend.

Although I’m far from brilliant, I’m good enough for many to talk of me as some kind of ‘guru’ just for knowing the shortcut for ‘Find & Replace’.

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I’m not an accountant but yeah I am in excel less and less. OLAP and mother fucking cubes innit.

You one of the Cognos pricks? (autocorrect tried to turn that into the cognoscenti but I think that reference would have been too oblique).

I have all three qualities.

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Nah but something similar that is pretty big worldwide but not so much over here.

sticking up for the statisticians/economists… I never learned any data analysis/econometrics on Excel, it was all on Stata etc. There are still times that I’ll use Stata or R over Excel, even for things that are within Excel’s capabilities (simple descriptive stats and graphs). So when I became a ‘professional economist’ I had to learn Excel from a very basic level.

At some stage of every meeting I ever have someone asks if we can do whatever we’re discussing in Cognos yet, and the answer is always, always no.

Opposite here, my boss says yes to whatever the request might be.

I’m the power BI person now and it’s fun
Don’t mind excel but it gets so slow if you try to build big stuff in it and vba is such a pain, still wish there was some kind of big data cluster version of it

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When I left school I don’t think I had any real understanding of credit cards, interest, loans, current accounts, any of it. I may not have paid total attention but it may have saved me from asking some dumb questions in banks years later.

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Also I’m sure school IT classes had course elements than included things like how cheques were processed and ATM security? What was that about?

Through essbase?

Yeah we write them in software then publish straight to the web where they can be accessed by anyone who needs them and can choose their own variables.

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We’re currently in the process of binning Cognos too :raised_hands: