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It seems like something that should be UTTERLY FUCKING SIMPLE isn’t possible, or possibly I am rubbish at Googling for Excel stuff.

Anyway here’s what I want:

If the value in cell $B$2 is one of two possible values then UNprotect cells $C$2 and $D$2 so that the user can select something from the drop downs in those cells. Otherwise leave them protected.

Now the check on $B$2 is trivial but I cannot for the life of me see how I can control the two cells?


Oh fuck VBA.

I had to spend ages at Ofsted 20 years ago trying to fix issues with their huge LEA integrated report generation.

Thanks though. I guess I’ll look it over and see if the effort is worth it (probably won’t be).

Ah. I’d be amazed if it can be done with a formula tbh.


Excel Guru Help Shout Out
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^ this. I’m 99% certain it would require VBA. that said, it should only be a few lines of code. leave it protected as default then get it to run when cell $B$2 changes, if it changes to either option.

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yeah, you could put an if clause in the data validation that only gave options on the drop down based on the $B$2 entry ie, if B2 is correct, list the options, otherwise have a blank list.

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