Excel has fucked me

What is happening here?

Sum says 74922

Formula result says 74922

But the cell where the formula is says 82219

What is going on? Its just in a few cells in a few columns in a big spreadsheet in which all the other formulas add up correctly.

Its no exaggeration to say im going out of my mind

What happens if you delete the formula and reenter it the same? Does it still come up wrong?

It comes back as zero

You’ve not got it set to calculate manually have you

If i drag the formula along then it copies the formula as you would expect but it shows the value from the cell i dragged from

No its none of the usual stuff

Looks like you’re dragging an anchored formula. Take out the $s and try again.

Its not anchored its just simply summing the numbers above it

Thats all it is.

And its correctly calculated in 80 other columns, but wrong in 7

So the numbers above always come to 72,842?

Its a rolling sum of different numbers. The row is a total of the numbers above it. The formula result popup has it right, the little sum total in the bottom toolbar has it right. But the bastard cell is wrong

Any apparently empty cells in the range you’re summing? Could there be anything in them?

Are there few enough cells you could manually write =cell+cell+cell… and see if you get the correct value?

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Could be hidden rows maybe?


Is it set to display some other format than a plain ordinary number ?

No theres nothing hidden

If you look at the screenshots in the first post, the formula is calculating correctly but the cell itself is showing incorrectly.

So if i hover over the cells that its calculating rhen it shows the correct sum. If i open the fx function arguments box for the cell in question then it shows the correct sum. But the number that it outputs in the cell is wrong.

Its the same formula and same formatting as the rest of the row, just the sum is wrong

Hmm, have you checked what you see if you open it in either o365 online or Google docs (assuming it can convert). Just wondering if it’s a bug in your downloaded version?

well well what is all this number stuff you guys do?