Excel Help pls

is there any way that if I have a cell with a date say 12/10/2020 that I can run something in the next cell which can read that it’s an October date and input the word “October” into that cell?

You could do an IF formula, not used excel in years but yes, I know you can do it. Give me a sec to remember


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I tried to google it but it’s hard to find the words to put into google

where d4 is your date

I was thinking this but wouldn’t this only work if the date format was like 10 Oct 20?

are we playing with these mmms?

my cell is I2 if it helps

I tried both but it comes up with image

it shouldnt… works for me anywho

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Excel MONTH function - month name from date, last day of month, etc..

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maybe have to change the format of your original date so it knows its a date and not a general

This works!!!
thank you so much!!

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I was thinking you’d do a little hidden table and assign month names to the numbered ones and then do an if/lookup but fuck me, it’s been so long since I used my brain on this sort of thing, sorry :confused:

I honestly HATE excel but I’ve been given a task to sort something out and i’ve admitted I don’t know what I’m doing but they still want me to do it :smiley:

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