Excel help thread #83637

Why is my formula only giving me the total of the first column from this? Never struggled to add multiple countif formulas before? Also there’s definitely an easier way, right?

=IFERROR(COUNTIF(assessments!$S:$S,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$T:$T,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$U:$U,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$V:$V,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$W:$W,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$X:$X,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$Y:$Y,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$Z:$Z,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$AA:$AA,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29)+COUNTIF(assessments!$AB:$AB,‘Referencing for Dashboard’!J$29),“-”)

Ha. Whoops

Aye. I’m no Excel expert, but does !$S:$AB not work as a range?

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More than likely! So used to having to do multiple criteria that I didn’t even consider it. The shame.

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