Excel help

Hi guys!

So I have to do a mother spreadsheet with drop-down boxes in each…y question is…can I somehow drag the box down or across once I have competed it?

I don’t mean duplicate the drop-down list, I mean duplicate the answer I have chosen.


More like Excel hell!


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So say you have a dropdown in A1, you want the answer selected in A1 to then appear in A2, A3, whatever?

Yes please. At the moment I am copy and pasting but it’s laborious to do that for each cell

Ok, so if you want the answer from A1 to appear in A2, enter ‘=A1’ in A2. If you want the answer from A1 to appear in e.g. cells A2 to A10, just c&p the A2 formula in to the other cells.

Is that what you mean? I hope so as I’ll soon be out of my depth.

Yeah, this. I mean, all the drop-down box is doing is allowing you to change the contents of that cell to one of a specific list of options.

Thanks…everything I do it just beeps at me and says stuff about rules in the cell so think it is designed to torment.