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My work computer for some reason isn’t displaying Excel very well. All the numbers look funny like this.


Is there a setting to change, before I email around the team and look like a doofus (I’m supposed to be an Excel whizz)

Please explain what you mean by ‘they look funny’

yep tried that

random numbers seem to be in bold or partly in bold. should be visible in the screengrab

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Thought that was what you meant but just wanted to check

I’ve had this before and highlighted / clicked bold / unclicked bold. Also (bizarrely) changed the column width to correct it.
Otherwise, I’m out

yes sorry as clarified above the issue isn’t the actual numbers it’s the way the font is rendering on excel with a strange bold effect on some of the numbers

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doesn’t fix it unfortunately. thanks though.

It doesn’t seem to be a formatting issue, but more something either in excel’s settings or a computer display setting that Excel doesn’t like

Are the figs from a pivot?

Mine does this sometimes. It’s a problem with how Windows is displaying stuff rather than Excel itself. Closing Excel, then rebooting the computer always fixes it.

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I’ve tested it with other sheets and the formatting issue seems to be on Calibri 11. If you size up or down it goes away and arial renders ok as well.

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I’ll give a reboot a try and see if there are any updates that I need to install. thanks everyone for your help so far

How much do you love Calibri 11…?

Has it been zoomed in/out to a size that means it can’t decide if the numbers should be 1px wide or 2?

ahh fixed it. had to turn on and tune Cleartype settings in Windows.

Thanks everyone for your help!


Hi. This is probably really simple - I have a spreadsheet with different tabs called January, February and so on. I have a summary tab with the months as column headers. I want a formula to return a specific result from each tab - for example, if I want column X rows 2-12 from the January tab to go into rows 2-12 in the January column from my summary tab, is there a formula that I can easily copy all over my summary tab?

I’d be wanting the same results from each one (e.g. row X column 1-12 from each month)

You need to construct values for the references, then use the indirect function (or nest the two)

So for the reference, say if you wanted to reference cell A2 on a tab called Sheet1, use:

Then to look up that value use

probably want to delete the document and start again, mate.

And what you could do, is instead of having the text in the formula for the sheet name, have a set of cells with the tab names, and have different formulae looking at those cells instead, so use something like:


if you’ve got A4 as “January”

Okay, this almost takes me there, but if I copy that formula down then it doesn’t change from A2, is there a way around that so that it picks up A3, A4, A5, etc? Because I might want to copy it down for hundreds of rows.