Excel question


how do you make it so it highlights any duplicate entries in red?

feel free to tell me how or to make shite jokes, either are fine


Conditional formatting and duplicate values


Select the cells then select conditional formatting in the home tab, then highlight cells rules and duplicate values.


ok great

but just for fun, imagine if someone didn’t know the difference between excel and google spreadsheets, what would they do then?




Copy and paste it into excel



ah fuck it, i give up


I had to do this and couldn’t find a way. Ended up making a formula saying if cell is a duplicate return true, else return false, then ran a conditional format on true


yeah i cba

i’m not paid to do spreadsheet bollocks, fuck em


Does it need to be self maintaining or a one off, if the later just add a column, do a countif by each value to see how many cells in the column match that value then filter on that column for values over 1 and manually apply the highlight




If you had a list of values in column A in column B in the first row you want to check, say cell B2 put the formula =countif(a:a,a2) and it will count all the values in column a that match a2. Copy this down for all the values, then add a filter to column b and deselect 1 giving you all the duplicates


so you have to do a different value for each cell in a list?


The formula will be relative (unless you fix it with $ before the column and/or row) so when you copy the formula down it will automatically know to refer the the cell on the left