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I’ve got a spreadsheet that always asks me if I want to save it when closing, even if I haven’t made any changes. Only one I use does this, all the others will just close if nothing has been done on it. What’s the deal there then?

Hello Larry,

What is the file extensions of the attachments?

If the file is in the .XLS format then make a copy of this file and save it in a .XLSX format and check how it works.

To make a copy of a file open the Excel file > click on ‘View’ > click on ‘New Window’ under ‘Window’ group, save it with the different format and with a new name.

Let us know the result to assist you further.

Thank you.

CSV files do that every time, is it one of those?

Here’s a much more interesting question (no offence!) but every time I set a print area I have to go in and set the margins to zero. Margins are waz man. There is not setting to make this permanent.

What’s the deal @billgates?


Larry, no need to worry. This behaviour is generalyy caused by formulas using volatile functions.

Example, suppose I have the formula =TODAY(). This will get updated whenever I open the worksheet (even if I do it three times in the same day). Excel treats this as a change, hence the Save enquiry.

Experiment with a new workbook with blank worksheet(s) other than the one formula =TODAY()

Save it, reopen it, and immediately close the workbook.

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I’ve got =INDIRECT() in use, so that’s causing it then?

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Holy mother fucking shit:


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I was hoping it would take effect on all my workbooks but it is only those that you start afresh. Still better than a kick in the nuts.

Now I could also have it so that every new workbook flashes ‘Hi Balonz you handsome devil’ when you open it.

Need to get into the full roaster’s directory next time he leaves his computer unlocked.

You could have your excel game all ready to go whenever you open up a new file, quick game before you get to work.


I’ve got a flexi time file

I’d like it to tell me how many minutes flexi I’ve built up so far this week.

I have to work 8:30 a day, so I need a formula/conditioning that adds up how many minutes MORE than 8 hours 30 I’ve done each day.

Any help? Example below:

On my flexi sheet there’s a total time column for the day (which you’d need to add in row 5 I guess) which is the log out time minus the log in time. You’d then need a normal hours row (row 6 maybe) with 8:30 in it and then your total time (the hours you actually worked) - your normal hours (the hours you’re scheduled to work) = how much flexi you’ve made/lost.

Does that make sense?

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Oh wait you’ve already got an hours worked row. Silly me. Just do that - 08:30 then, right?

It makes perfect sense and I feel like an absolute dope for asking :joy:

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Add a row with where you subtract 8:30 from the hours worked total…

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Yep, I think my brain just assumed it was going to be difficult because it was time rather than straight-up numbers, so ended up thinking too deeply about it and bypassed the simple solution. :smiley: