Excel team ASSEMBLE

Working on a template designed to be used by people who aren’t Excel Einsteins like you and me.

I want to have cells that you can enter free text into AND select a category from a drop down menu that determines the cell formatting.

So as a user I would type “Smee is a shit” and then select “Insult” from a drop down menu that made the cell fill brown.

Thoughts? SOLUTIONS!

Formula: E=MC^2




I’ll fill YOUR brown cell

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It’s probably easier to just set up a second column with conditional formatting.

Just use conditional formatting rules that are based on the cell link of the drop down?

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definitely easier but not possible in this case for reasons so boring even you wouldn’t be interested

why isn’t conditional formatting possible in this case?

You could do a macro applied to the drop down (assuming the drop down is used every time the cell is filled), and the macro formats the cell based on the cell link (as per conditional formatting).

Top tip, record the macro of you applying the formatting you want and use this code as the basis, because coding formatting settings in VBA is a pain in the arse.

^that was to @meths

I need to admit here that I’m not an Excel Einstein, probably more of an Excel Edison or even an Excel Cox to be honest.

Don’t know what macros are! You have picked up that the text needs to be freetext I trust?

I don’t understand why you can’t have something like this…

Hello I have an Excel question.

I have a spreadsheet that should really be a shared spreadsheet but cannot be shared for various reasons.

This means that all day people are asking if someone is in the spreadsheet, and can they get out of it.

Is there a way to have a message pop-up in the spreadsheet after 30 seconds of being opened to remind the person to close it?

Alternative solutions to this problem are welcome.

How long do people typically need to have it open for/what are the purposes of having it opened?

I think you can set things to happen on a timed basis in a macro, so that might be the way to go?


(can write you the code if needed)

Most need to open it for 30 seconds or so before leaving, sometimes saving, sometimes not. It used to be a shared tracker so people are stuck in the habit of having it open all day, or longer than they need to.

@Matt_was_taken cheers! I’ll email you now…

Here’s another one. If I want to run a macro that copies data using Selection.CurrentRegion.Select from a number of regions into one area how do I do it so that the first row of the current region is selected when it copies?

If you replace




Does that work?

Just realised I didn’t explain what I meant well at all. I want everything below the first row to copy but not the first row. Sorry!

Would something like this work?

Range(Range("A2"), Range("A2").End(xlDown)).Select