Excel (well, Google Sheet) help

Yo team!

I reckon this will be a really simple one for youse…

I have two columns, one of numbers, one of days of the week these numbers happen. I basically want to see what day of the week, on average, gets the best number. I am sure there is a more scientific way of doing it that arranging the number from biggest to smallest and guessing which day seems to crop up the most. Any ideas?

Do a pivot with days one, on count and one with to and divide. Probably an easier way.

Sorry I’m really dumb at this stuff - I replace R with the name of the column with the days in, right? And same for S with the numbers?

As with all Excel questions, the first piece of information to be considered is: am I doing this once, or am I going to do this many times? The answer always influences the best solution massively.

Can you do pivots in Google sheets?


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Shit I think I’ve done it!

(The answer seems to be Thursday).

Cheers s_a_d!