Excellent marketing

Chupa chup lollies are just boiled sweets made to look cool.

“Want a boiled sweet, sonny?”.
Of course he fucking doesn’t.

“Want a Chupa Chup, darling?”.
Of course he fucking does.

Absolutely genius legerned bants


Everything Apple have ever made


Sharpies. Well played Mr Sharp, well played.

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Just seen two ads in a row:

  1. Blu-Tack who are doing #BluHacks and showing alternative uses for Blu-Tack which aren’t just putting things on walls
  2. Guinness Clear - An advert for water
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“Ooh, nice wheels on your car there, love the alloys”.

m8, wheels were literally personkind’s first invention.
It’s like one of the first technologies in Civilization (the popular computer game).

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Using a Biro (ballpoint pen) to give someone a tracheotomy

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Red Bull.

Brought a product into one of the most competitive markets possible (soft drinks) which a) consumer testing indicated no-one liked the taste of and b) was expensive to produce meaning it had to be sold both in lower quantities and at a higher price point than its competitors.

Red Bull is the 2nd biggest selling soft drink in the world.

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How about beer except for punks?


Also Lucozade Sport - they had a drink that you gave people when they were poorly and added some salt (I think) and called it isotonic and said it was good for sport.

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Sunny Delight - Can turn you orange if you want

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Think Red Bull could yet overtake Coca-Cola if they get John Barnes to volley a can of it into a bin you know

Lynx: “Lynx gets you laid
15 year old boys: *buy Lynx*


Logo designed by Salvador Dali :+1:

Special nod to whoever invented the Jager Bomb - most expensive spirit mixed with most expensive soft drink (both of which are rank, and less than the sum of their parts when combined)? Genius…



I’d argue Red Bull’s terrible taste is a key part of its appeal. “It tastes funny, therefore it must be doing something” etc.

Quite like the taste of Red Bull.

Tastes like when you eat a jelly cube rather than making it with water.

Couple of real admissions there.

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“Fancy some jam, Margret?”
“No thanks, I fancy something different today”
“How about some marmalade?”
“Oh that sounds fancy, yes please”

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Something you might not know

This chap


designed the logo
Pretty wild yeah?

Not sure I believe ^that tbh tbf…

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You gonna stand for this @Petagno?

I’ve said my piece…

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