Exceptionally minor (perhaps) gripes other people have living with you



I leave my electric toothbrush on the edge of the basin itself as opposed to on the bathroom surface which leads to it inadvertently being knocked into the sink regularly.

After I play football my astros are full of the tiny little rubber bits you get on modern artificial pitches and I am extremely bad at aiming when trying to empty them into the bin leading to them getting everywhere.

I am prone to bouts of seemingly inexplicable grumpiness


I’m too attractive to humanity.


Why is this a gripe?


I almost never make tea/coffee, but always have one when she’s making. It’s not deliberate, I just never think about making one, so she makes all the drinks.

I snore really loudly.

I take ages to get out of bed in the morning and also take forever in the shower.


Constantly have people trying to break into the house to try and get a touch of me.


I see


bikes / parts everywhere


If anything, I often make dinner TOO well.


Those rubber bits get fucking everywhere.

Empty my boots they’re in my shorts, empty my shorts they’re in my hair.

Should probably spend less time on the floor.


Making pasta sauce with a tin of chopped tomatoes and not plum tomatoes


Probably that I’m moody and depressed/angry for the majority of the time.


ie the correct way to make a sauce?


Watch foreign films that my husband hates.
Insist on listening to music quite loudly in the shower to wake myself up.
Cook rarely.
Leave windows open then go out.


Oh yeah, also I’m really bad at leaving lights on.


Leave loads of stubble all over the bathroom basin.


Oooh you’re soooo manly


Thank you!


Don’t take the bin bags out, i’ll always find a way to get more in the bin

Leaving toilet roll tubes in the bathroom


I’m just a miserable, moody, depressive person. But if they can’t handle me at my worst etc.


Just ‘being there’ is normally enough.