Excessive cookware use

Lunch: a pastrami roll.

Utensils used:

  • Plastic chopping board
  • A sharp knife to cut the roll in half
  • A standard dining knife to spread the butter
  • A teaspoon to get/spread mustard
  • A fork to hold gherkins while being chopped in half

Five items. Justifiable but excessive.


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Dr Mrs Epimer making some kind of fish stir fry for lunch: every pot, pan, chopping board, kitchen knife and kitchen surface somehow, and probably also the cabinets and floor


And somehow all the bins are now full and the sink is also clogged. Also, there’s too much food now and then fridge is filled with containers for leftovers we’ll never eat that I have to throw out next week.

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Lunch: Omelette and Salad.

Utensils used:

  • Bowl to mix eggs
  • folk to scramble eggs
  • Cheese grater
  • tub to collect grated cheese and mix with herbs, spices and suchlike
  • Spoon to mix and serve salad dressing
  • Knife to cut onion and cucumber
  • Wooden chopping board
  • Frying pan
  • Wooden spatula
  • Knife to cut butter for the pan

Am I meant to include plate and fork used for eating?

Ten items. Definitely excessive - Could have just ordered a Macdo

Just rinse the fork and use for eggs and dressing and eating imho

Probs for butter as well tbh

I did indeed use the butter knife for eating, licked the delicious leftover butter off it first, as a treat.

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Peanut butter and marmite sandwich. Four knives to prevent cross-contamination.

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Big lunch salad

Choppin’ bord’

Similar - overnight oats. Two or three spoons to prevent issues with cross contamination