Excessively early Thursday eve thread

Just on way home and two women were outside the pub having a loud argument

Oddly women having a drunk shout always reminds me of two friends having a huge fight in camberwell

One of them in a moment of rage yelled ‘that’s why your boyfriend never buys you flowers and mine does!’

So whenever I see women shouting near or in a pub it reminds me to buy flowers, thus:

Also: evening all


Off to Italy in about 12 hours. All packed so gonna have a long spritely walk so I can hopefully get 4 hours sleep before a 2:30am taxi.


Ffs! @moderators can you stick my thread in with this one please.

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To date, I have never been bought flowers btw :frowning:

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Or vice versa!

Nah lets go with yours, it has flowers, mine just has whinging.

Oooooffff what times the flight oh wait you said

Bought myself flowers just today! Peony’s which are my favourite.

Noone else ever does :person_shrugging: (well, rarely)

Had an ok day, got pasta bake, Vs parents evening later then walk dog and collapse I guess.


Reckon I might be dying so drank loads in the park today gonna listen to REM in the bath gotta live every moment like it counts from now on

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Alright? Long ol’ day and it’s very grey and drizzly here. Gonna have BHS for tea, watch some crime TV and maybe get an early night. Exhausted and it’s only day 4 of 12 work days in a row.




I’ve been bought flowers romantically only once but it definitely sticks in my head, normalise giving men flowers imo.


Off for fancy dinner tonight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ordered a pizza and the delivery person can’t find the house and I don’t know how to explain it more clearly than “follow the street numbers”


Leaving Italy in about 12 hours

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No I’ll sneeze

Found out the other day aloe vera suncream sets mine off, brilliant to find out 5 minutes after slathering in the stuff.

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I spy some stocks in that bunch. Stocks are dreamy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Have been hanging around m&s flower section the last few weeks that they’re in season and just sniffing the air.

Stocks and freesias are one of my fave combos.

Placating my busy mind today by making…something. idk…just going to keep crocheting my worries away :blush:


Exam done
Nice meal done
3 cocktails done

Friend went home so pottering around aimlessly


I had a delivery person a while ago ring me saying she couldn’t find us. Go right to the end of the road and we’re on the right, I said.

She had turned left into the car park for the building opposite and when I said go to the end of the road, she’d gone to the end of the (quite large) car park. (It is quite obviously a car park and not a road)