Exchange recommendations with DiSers for things they wouldn't ordinarily like


let’s keep this thread to mild beeve level only please.

@profk i recommend that you watch this to get over your hatred of “”“arthouse”"" films:

if they’re game, they recommend something for you in return.

p.s. you can’t all do me (cwbaft)


here’s some ideas:


have a go on last of us. I know you’ve watched your partner play it, but I think you’d like it if you gave it a couple of hours.


OK, you got yourself a deal.


You do 2 hours of that and I’ll watch the entirety of cache. Sweet!


Good thread idea too.


some ideas:
recommend a band with a large back catalogue for @marckee
recommend some food with flavour and toppings for @saps
recommend a manga for @Epimer and/or @sadpunk


I’d like to recommend The News to @Kallgeese :wink:


@Antpocalypsenow should watch… A HIJACKING


I read enough of that grim shit day to day.

Actually, I had to listen to Sky News playing in a doctor’s waiting room two weeks ago. Was genuinely distressed at the non-stop doom and gloom on the channel.


You’re not wrong to be fair chief.


maybe you should recommend kallgeese a FILM or TELEVISION PROGRAMME


Just watch the wire obvs


There’s laughs in that though?


satirical response


Oh sorry I thought he was after non-comedies not something completely devoid of laughs.

How about cemetery junction?


The circle is complete.


You would have to pay me to watch that shit.


Don’t be a silly sausage


Don’t bother pals, I won’t watch it anyway.