Exciting afternoon thread - what are you looking forward to?

Too many threads labelled as boring today, let’s have some excitement!

Tell me what you’re looking forward to/excited about.

I’m excited about going to Wahaca again tomorrow night and then watchi Liverpool progress in the Champions League.

Fuck all mate

That’s not really the attitude I was hoping for, not gonna lie.

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I’m looking forward to this fucking OS update getting its act together and finishing so I can try and connect to a piece of shitty hardware and get some bloody work done.

I’ve got some reduced turkey mince defrosting in the fridge at home. Have bought some kidney beans in a tin to cook with it. Am dead excited to see whether it works or not.

Cycling between bordeaux and san sebastian in 3 weeks time, hope the weather’s good.


Absolutely cannot wait for this Saturday, when I get to see some of my favourite people in the world, who I don’t get to see often enough: penoids in Stevenage.

Then I’m going to the pub in Cambridge later, I suppose.

I’ve got the next two days off with my son and as he has the pox we are house bound. So going to drink loads of tea and coffee, be in my house trousers, play Mario Kart, watch TV and read the novelisation of My Neigbour Totoro. (have to mow the lawn and put up a toy hammock but let’s forget that)


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  • Moving home next weekend.
  • Stuff arrives from Australia in May (10-14 weeks my fucking arse).
  • Paid MC gig in Eindhoven on the 19th that I really want to go well so I get more of these.
  • Recording new podcast interview Wednesday night.
  • Making progress on the first two episodes of my own podcast which I am quite excited about.
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Holibobs too, I guess.

Loads. I’m currently working out my notice at work, after which I’m going solo. Can’t wait (although also a bit terrified).

Going on a road trip in the motorhome in late May around the north east and Scotland.

Got a Yo La Tengo gig in a few weeks time that I’m possibly a little bit too excited about.


I want to do this (but a slightly longer version) but all my pals are sprogged up :slightly_frowning_face:

Gah! I forget you’re a bit of a bike wanker chief, what longer route are you thinking of doing? Is this part of your plans when you’ve finished working your notice?

Going to bed when I get home.

Going to my friend’s wedding at the weekend.

Going to Belgium next weekend.

London-Wales-London next month.

LEJOG in June.

Definitely not a bike wanker, wash your mouth out! I liked what casinobay did last summer ‘velodyssey’ or something which is the west coast of France but don’t fancy doing it myself.

I can’t change a tyre and don’t know what any of the parts of the bike are called. Definitely not a bike wanker.

Got three band practices coming up the next week, after two months of inaction


Ahhhhh. I didn’t even realise, sorry!

You cycle everyday! Aye his trip looked really lovely tbf and I hear he managed not to casinobay himself into any canals. Have you got any sprog-free m9s who would be in for it?

making korokke for tea :yum:

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