Exciting steam mop thread

I think I remember some of you saying you had these (@Scout maybe)?

So what kind you got, is it any good? I think I want to get one - my bathroom has textured tiles and they destroy normal mops. Is a steam mop going to survive a bit of roughage?

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I use ours on our kitchen floor. Seems pretty robust as the mop head is cloth not sponge.

Only disadvantage is that they can’t be used on Karndean/Amtico flooring.

what make/ modal is it?

Think it’s a Vileda. Not sure of the model…

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Think it’s this one: http://amzn.eu/d/1RgrSwV

looks good, thanks

What games can you play with it? Is it for one of those games like Firewatch but it’s a cleaning simulator?

Do I have to cross post this into the gaming thread for some acknowledgement? @anon73286315?

I think you are riffing on that dorky PC gaming platform called Steam but im not 100% sure

this is a serious thread to discuss cleaning equipment Theo

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I spoke to a man on the phone today and he accidentally said “mucket and bop” during the middle of a rant and I thought it was very funny.

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Yes I love mine. I went for the Shark one that swivels so you can flip the cleaning bit over to the other side to effectively get two clean surface areas before having to use a new cloth thingy.

I ordered it from Argos and they delivered it 3 hours later.

Best day of my life

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sounds like a provincial Solicitor’s firm

I obviously keep my old man clean with at least one wash with soap a day, but I would expect nothing less of any of us here.

Can I talk about my window hoover in here?

It’s this one but it seems to have shot up in price. It was £99 a few weeks ago. There’s also a non automatic steam version if it for £79 but I don’t understand what that means.

EDIT: it also has a bit that just shoots pure steam out avoiding the mop head altogether for stubborn bits which is ace though there a still some marks on my floor it hasn’t tackled yet but I think that’s to be expected as they’re really stubborn bits of solidified bread dough etc.

You what mate? Can you not just use the attachment on your conventional hoover? Tell me about the extra stuff this does??

jesus christ theo

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No you can’t hoover up water in your usual hoover

yes! I quite fancy one of those too

Could I use it to clean a glass shower screen?

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