Exciting things around your office (rolling)

This thread is for those big things that happen around your office that cause everyone to stop working and look at / speculate about.

Yesterday, there was a lorry on fire on the main road outside the office. We all went outside and stared at the fire engines trying to put the fire out for a while. Many of us speculated on their tactics and some people seemed to suggest they had better ideas of how to handle it. I thought some of these things too, but then remembered that these are trained professionals and probably know what they’re doing. After a while we ran out of things to speculate about and it wasn’t looking like the fire was going out anytime soon so it got a bit silent. Then one person said “well back to work” and we all left at the same time, so arbitrary but no-one wants to be the one who says “nono, I want to watch the fire a bit more”. Then later the smoke got into our airconditioning system and there was a big discussion about whether it was toxic and whether we should be sent home. Some people got their laptops and moved to a meeting room, I said I was alright, but then got a headache so went to the toilet and played on my phone for a bit.

Anyway, this is the thread for that sort of thing.

There was that attempted murder on the site last year. That’s about it though.

Woah, that’s not good :frowning:

It’s fine, they missed.

no obviously it was horrible for everyone involved

Just remembered, on 7/7 I was working just off Oxford Street and I remember we were not allowed to leave the office for hours. Everyone was frantically trawling Twitter and news channels to work out if we were in danger or not, the notion of working was long gone. Was a weird experience with a lot of people making light hearted jokes to break the tension but then it kicking in pretty quickly afterwards too.

Every couple of months the police show up and cart someone off for stealing from the warehouse. Also get travellers every now and then and the associated Big Opinions from colleagues you’d previously respected.

there was a lot of shouting down on the street on friday morning, swearing and everything

then in the afternoon the builders opposite were using a drone to look into the bowels of the building they’re working on

a couple of years ago there was a gas leak on london wall which caused the building to be evacuated which was quite good

Excuse me while I channel Lucien for a moment, but in the spring we had an ongoing saga of the seagull who had her chicks and nested on the ledge of the disused building opposite. The short story is that two of them eventually fell off. (RIP).

I can hear him cackling from Wellington

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I was out for a walk yesterday lunchtime and I saw a deer. That was pretty exciting.

I regularly see horses. They seem a lot less exciting, partly because I’ve seen a lot more horses in my life, but also because the horses are in captivity and they’re only in the neighbouring fields because someone put them there, which makes it much less of an exciting spot than a wild deer.

I think it’s against the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority, an actual offence for which people can be fined, to fly a drone in built up areas. Do they have to get special permission or do they just go ahead and do it anyway, I wonder.

We just had a fire drill. Top floor leaves the building last. But also returns first. I used to the opportunity to pop into the post office to deal with some Discogs sales. I’m now overheated after jogging up the stairs back to the top floor.

Today at 2pm there will be an announcement of about 130+ redundancies, so that’ll be quite entertaining

Every now and again, a helicopter from the nearby army barracks will fly past, and people will rush to the windows to see the helicopter. They’ll go “ooooh, it’s a Chinook”. It might be, I dunno, but you get the impression that it’s the only type of helicopter they know.

This is only exciting for other people. I’ve seen a helicopter before. But whatever keeps them happy, I guess.

Some travellers moved onto a patch of land just outside our yard a few weeks ago. We’ve got half a dozen cctv cameras on a screen in the office to see who’s coming/going from the yard and security pointed one at them so we could see them going about their business. Literally. A couple of my colleagues were fascinated as one of them was taking a dump in the middle of this open patch of land.

Then the business park security turned up with a digger and piled a load of concrete blocks around them so they couldn’t get in/out. Then the police turned up. Then they left.

That 12 hour shift flew by.

Twitter was not invented until 2006.

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I’m glad you got there before me on this.


Lots of embassies near us, plus Kensington Palace. See lots of presumably important people and lots and lots of protests

Well that’s weird. In my mind that’s what people were doing, but these weren’t the tech vanguard, so my memory must be wrong!

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