Exciting Thread!


How many bank accounts do you have?

I’ve got 5:

1 x Personal Current Account
2 x Joint Current Account
1 x standard ISA
1 x Help to buy ISA

We must’ve had this thread before on the old boards






two. standard jazz account and isa


1x Current
1x House
1x Savings (fuckin’ lol)
1x Credit card


1 graduate bank account w/debit card
1 ns&i/post office savings account (with £200 in it, hahahaaaaa)


Probably too many

One current
One saver
One joint current
One joint saver


Just the one active account (Santander 1 2 3)


Related gripe:

All natwest cards look the same, so I’m always unsure whether I’m using my personal account card or my joint account (for household purchases) card (the other joint account is for direct debits and standing orders ONLY)


Five. You know what they say… “Five accounts - fist pump, one account: you’re a chump”


All my accounts are with one bank too. So if that goes down the shitter than I will follow it weeeee


And if we’re talking about other shit:

  • credit card
  • dormant ISA with about 10p in it (useless due to 0.25% interest)
  • mortgage account
  • 3 x Stakeholder pension accounts
  • 1 x Defined Benefit pension account

Plus Child Trust Funds for the children


1 x joint current
1 x ISA
1 x Help to Buy ISA (why the fuck I set this up just before buying a flat is beyond me, fuck)
1 x credit card (joint)


1x Current
1x Regular Saver
1x ISA

The Holy Trinity


oh there’s also a regular saver linked to the joint current account



One main current account and a secondary account for when my debit card has to be replaced due to fraudulent activity so I can transfer money to there and still access it from a cash machine.


you don’t have a personal account? :open_mouth:

Even though most of my paycheck goes into the two joint accounts and savings, not sure I could handle not having my own current account tbh


haven’t had one for about 8 years I reckon




I’m not on chequebook