Exclamation Marks

How often do you use exclamation marks in your writing? I used to think they were a bit naff, but I have recently embraced them again. I think they just add a bit of pizazz to daily life! Only one, mind. Occasionally used in collaboration with a ? or in parenthesis in the middle of the sentence, as a raised eyebrow. Love an exclamation mark!

Do you have any other thoughts on the matter?!

Um. Might use them a bit much tbh :blush: I think it makes me sound a bit more stressed out than I actually am about everything.

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All the fucking time tbh

or more excited!

Yes, this. I feel a bit hard done by how it’s restricted to three in a row :sob:

Have been somewhat supplanted by the emoji, but still use where appropriate

I used to feel like that, but I have completely swivelled on that position. For example, I’m a big fan of Hey! now as opposed to just Hey .

Probably too much. Big fan of the interrobang!?

Often in emails. Never in anything else.

Use them too much in text messages but not enough in other forms of written communication.

Used to use them in place of pretty much any emoji but i’ve come round to those little fellas now.

You can seem more excited by throwing a few ones in!!!1!!!1!11111eleventyone!!!11!!


perfect. stealing!11!!!111!!11!111

EDIT: Too many ones :joy:

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big fan of the exclamation mark in a bracket, kind of adds a feeling of surprised confusion rather than outright shock

try and fit one in (!) when trying to outline the stupidness of someone’s argument


I feel like I have to use them to sound more friendly online in a professional context or when trying to make a srs point softly to men (not because I’m afraid of hurting their fragile egos but because internal tone policing is a huge huge thing and if I want to convert someone to my opinion then I have to do it by seeking like a nice polite person). Pretty sure this is a thing for women, definitely read an article about it.

Use it sincerely when speaking to someone old or with learning difficulties, or when being pissy/excitable.

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The standard tone for my professional writing is incredibly stiff and formal - lots of "hereinbefore"s and the like. If I drop in an exclamation mark it means “I am literally foaming at the mouth”.

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Big fan of the ol’ explanation marks.

I enjoy an exclamation mark in brackets

I do it all the time to indicate sarcasm!


That’s really clever of you!