Excruciating things you used to do

Dig deep into those repressed memories!
I used to read digimon fanfiction when i was 13, this was around 2001. I didn’t only just read them though, i would copy pages of my favourite one and replace the author’s name with mine :sob: the author wrote herself as the protagonist and instead of writing my own i just did…that :sob:

Also used to write my own lyrics around that same age that were heavily plagiarised (i remember a particularly terrible version of tlc’s waterfalls). Used to also happily consume fanfiction/anime/books etc with very worrying tropes and think some pretty fucked up things were lovely and romantic. Ridiculous and embarrassing when i look back on it now


Wrote and submitted a drama monologue which was almost exclusively stolen from a pre existing book, and won a prize for it.


When someone said what are you up to on msn i would go ‘nuttin’’ (meaning nothing)

Also did efed on wrestling sites


Once asked my mum take a photo of me holding a two pronged twig in a Hawaiian shirt holding a sign saying ’ I job to this stick’

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Used to tell people I could make myself fart.

I’d get down on my knees then curl into a kind of ball, like a ‘brace for impact’ type position and do this thing where I’d contort myself in a way that made my anus gape a bit and let air in, then I’d push the air back out and it made a fart noise.

They found it hilarious and somehow I never shat myself even once. Can’t do it anymore though.


Made about fifteen threads that just said “pass and move it’s the Liverpool groove”


I would tell people ‘i can scratch my ears with my feet like a dog’ and then attempt it despite the fact that I could only really do it pre-puberty

Derailed a few house parties that way


I’ve got PTSD from my MySpace career

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I was gonna say I feel like you need to have a personal SSP for this thread

Stroke me now

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Wrote a short story when I was a teenager. Not only did I bore everyone with it, I passed the manuscript to a mate to type up because his dad worked for the gas board and had a computer. I still worry it’s in their attic somewhere

Omg I used to do that! Instead I’d get on all fours. I used to call them puffers. I wish I could still do them. Never met anyone else who did them!

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What a weirdo