Exercise/gym thread

What exercise do you do? Are you registered with a gym or do you do any sports?

I started going to the gym recently but am still quite inept at gym stuff. Any advice for someone just starting out?

Mentions of cycling are allowed but this is not the cycling thread

I’d like to run but my knees don’t let me and the physio didn’t help enough, so I’m now thinking of becoming competitive at “slowly getting fatter until I die”.

I tried to do a female weightlifter emoji in the thread title but it got changed to a male weightlifter and a female sign

Fully paid up bike wanker - but I’ve been incredibly lazy this winter. In theory I should be riding at least 3 times a week

I go to a weekly yoga class that I’m really liking, might start doing an extra one

No formal exercise apart from stretches morning and night. Lots of running about in my general work and personal life means I don’t need to do any more cardio, and I also do a fair bit of strength work (lifting, squatting with ginormous toddler, and so on), so I’m not really missing formal exercise at the moment.

I’d like to go back to spin though. In fact, I’m gong to check out the times of gym classes NOW at the gym round the corner from work.

Good thread. :kissing_heart:

That’s not a good alternative!

Run 3 x a week
Occasional hogde podge of yoga and situps at home

It’s the best I’ve managed so far.

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I’ve been known to go climbing on occasion. Not sure I’ve mentioned that on here before.

Tends to be 4 or 5 times a week - mix of climbing wall, home training and getting outdoors.

At the moment, nowhere near enough, just 50min of cycling a day.

I seem to be really all or nothing, I’ll do a month or two of going to the gym every day and then I won’t got back for 2 months.

At my peak I had 3 sessions of hockey training plus 2 matches a week, and was training for triathlons so probably going to the gym 5-6 a week on top. So far from my current state!

I used to do yoga classes, thinking about doing some at the gym but the times aren’t very convenient. Choice between ending half an hour after I’m supposed to start work, starting nearly 2 hours after i finish work, or lunchtime with insufficient time to get there and back

Not enough hours in the day with a toddler in the house to do the exercise I’d like to (either joining a gym or going swimming or cycling), but I do get in a short walk before work and a longer walk at lunchtime.

50 min of cycling a day sounds like quite a lot of exercise to me!

Cycle to work every day.

One or two rides at the weekends, now we’re into BST one during the week too.

Currently 5 months into a “Randonneur Round The Year” attempt (do at least a 200km ride a month for a year). I have 300km and 400km rides planned for the next two months. Yes, I am shitting myself.

Really really need to supplement this with some other exercise as my core is non-existent, and spending 8+ hours in the saddle at any one time can be quite punishing if you’ve got a weak body :confused:

Not really, just my commute to work and the home leg is mostly downhill so doesn’t really count! Plus when I’m away from home it doesn’t happen.

What do you want to do? Lose weight or build muscle or just enjoy exercising?

We all know of my gym routine cause I blab on about it all of the time. I go to a gym that is just classes, no actual gym area. I either do a bootcamp, spinning, weights, HIIT, Tabata, peloton. Whatever basically :smiley:
I do about 6-7 classes a week. I try to do 2 in a row so it’s about 1 hour 50 mins of exercise which burns about 700-1000 calories depending on what I do.

I’m all about the muscle growth now. I wanna be strong and powerful!!! (well I just want @Twinkletoes arms)


I sometimes go to a core class at the gym and I FUCKING HATE IT. You’re not supposed to ever hold your neck and your neck is in so much pain cause you have a weak core. It’ll stop hurting as your core gets stronger. She just makes us do loads of hollow body holds and I just go ahhhhhh i dont need a core

Whilst we’re here, does anyone know anything about BCAAs?

No, I got five As, obviously.


Is that how a dyslexic feels about going to the gym?

Sorry if this offend anyone!