Exhaustive List Of Sandwich Filling Options



covered in ketchup


never work with animals or kids


for kermworm’ (allnerve, 2018)


Low-sugar ketchup too. You’re all nerve, @allnerve


don’t blame me. my parents are weird sugar/fat/flavour fascists.


I just did it for free.

Sorry for the sketchy video and quiet talking, was hiding in a stairwell at work trying not to get caught.

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Monday, evenin’
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i love you @ma0sm :hearts:


this has done me :smiley:


‘i shouldn’t be doing this’


Cheese and pickle


:smiley: it’s safe to say I have never loved anyone as much as I love you in this present moment! :heart:
Thank you for trying it, I’m sorry you weren’t a fan x


I had to stop watching at ‘a banana, that you might recognise from the films’. Absolutely done.


Love your mumbling of @kermitwormit - something like “kermerwormer”. As if getting caught eating a ketchup-laced banana wasn’t bad enough, you seemed like someone might burst in and say “WHO’S KERMERWORMER?”






Could only watch half of this before wanting to throw up :face_vomiting:


How very convenient


This is nothing short of ridiculous.
I’m sorry worms, I love you to bits but this is TOO FAR.


Your dedication to this online community of idiots is truly astounding


You should try it with HP sauce now.
Then mayo.
Then BBQ.