Exile on Main Street

Like many, I’ve revisited this album after reading this thread (thanks) and it really is great! Had this and ‘Sticky Fingers’ in my collection for years but never really gone in to a full deep dive of their work. Apart from the big hitters already mentioned, should I investigate any further?

So I revisited this after work yesterday, mostly while walking the dog along the waterfront. Not a dud on it, is there? Felt really, really solid for the first half with a few dips on the C and D sides. Weakest are probably “I Just Want to See His Face” and “Stop Breaking Down” for me, the latter of which really started to drag as the album was winding down. The last 2 tracks bring it back up, but still aside from the great “Happy” and “Let It Loose”, nothing touches the A and B sides. Anyway really great album that feels effortless and unpretentious. Plus there aren’t really too many overplayed songs on this, something that occasionally makes me reluctant to play the albums I tend to see as better than this one. So maybe I’ll start to appreciate this one more for that.

That’s a big factor in why it’s the only Stones album I ever listen to.

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Half agree on this. Think it’s a big reason why a play-through of Exile sounds a lot more fresh and exciting than a spin of Beggars, Bleed or Sticky Fingers - even if the highs on those albums may be higher, they’re just too familiar.

Anyway, love Exile. Feel like more bands should covers songs off it. Especially Ventilator Blues.